Correct Craft to acquire two service centers

ORLANDO, Fla. – Boat builder Correct Craft plans to acquire two of its regional Service Centers, which were previously under separate ownership, it reported in a statement today.

The Service Centers being acquired are located in Angola, Ind. (Midwest Correct Craft) and Tyler, Texas (Southwest Correct Craft). Upon acquisition of these two Service Centers, Correct Craft will own four of the five domestic Nautique Service Centers. It already owns the Service Centers located in Speculator, N.Y. and Rancho Cordova, Calif.

These Service Centers were set up almost 50 years ago by the founder’s family to give the company’s dealer network regional support, providing boats, parts and event assistance, said Correct Craft President/CEO Bill Yeargin in an interview this morning.

“I believe a big part of reason we win … is we’re out closer to the dealers giving them service,” he commented.

The acquisition of these two Service Centers will allow Correct Craft to immediately implement plans to streamline its domestic distribution system and focus on providing even better service to its Nautique dealers and retail customers, the company stated. The two Service Centers being acquired were previously owned by Ken and Diane Meloon. Ken Meloon remains on Correct Craft’s Board as its chairman.

“For over 35 years, Ken and Diane worked in the Midwest and Southwest territories and have done an outstanding job representing Correct Craft and its Nautique line of boats,” the company stated.

“The acquisition of these two Service Centers is a big step toward streamlining our domestic distribution system,” said Yeargin. “We plan to use these acquisitions and the streamlining process to significantly improve the already legendary service Correct Craft provides its Nautique dealers and customers.”

Yeargin further commented on the acquisition in his blog in the Nautique Insider section of Correct Craft’s Web site, The company builds the Nautique line of boats.

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