Monterey Boats builds lead management system

WILLISTON, Fla. – Monterey Boats has partnered with Illinois-based Red Oak
Marketing, a provider of electronic communication and lead management tools, to build an electronic community of dealers, customers and prospects through its lead management system, the supplier reported in a recent statement.

“Our overall goal is to drive more qualified leads to our dealer network, and we feel
Red Oak’s system can provide us with the solutions necessary to make this happen,” said Monterey Boats Director of Marketing / Dealer Development Lou Vazquez. “Red Oak Marketing’s system provides an automated workflow that will capture leads from various sources, track them real time through to closure, and automatically e-communicate to qualified consumers. They also offer the only solution on the market that provides 100 percent trackability, 100 percent dealer compliance, and the advanced email marketing tools of their newest product suite called EDGE.”

The Red Oak solution, specifically designed for manufacturers with dealer networks, captures qualified consumer data at the OEM level and drives it through the dealer network for follow up, according to the company. Once received, dealers update the status of lead information, and Monterey has also built-in escalation procedures to ensure the leads are contacted promptly.

“Monterey has always been a symbol of quality,” said Red Oak Director of Marketing
John Trkla. “With our solution, Monterey can cast a wider net for prospective sales and extend their message of quality across a broader audience — all while building stronger relationships with their dealers and current customers.”

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