Northern Lights acquires Rich Beers Marine

SEATTLE, Wash. – Northern Lights, a manufacturer of marine generator sets and propulsion engines, has acquired Ft. Lauderdale-based Rich Beers Marine, Inc., it reported in a recent statement.

Rich Beers Marine has manufactured the Technicold brand of air conditioning and refrigeration systems since 1981.

“We look at the values displayed by Rich Beers Marine as consistent with our own,” said Northern Lights Manager of Marketing & Sales Administration Colin Puckett. ”We put our highest priority on engineering and craftsmanship. Our products are known for reliability, durability and simplicity.

“There are a number of reasons that a boatbuilder or owner would choose to power their vessel with Northern Lights and Lugger products, and we believe that these are the same reasons that the customer would choose Technicold for their air conditioning and refrigeration systems,” he added.

The purchase of Rich Beers Marine, Inc. by Northern Lights will introduce the Technicold brand to a larger global marketplace while continuing to provide exceptional service to the end user, according to the company.

Northern Lights officials see opportunities in cross-branding the two company’s goods, and greater value for their customers.

“The combination of Technicold products with Northern Lights generators will enable us to offer a more comprehensive solution to our customers. A vessel’s air conditioning and refrigeration systems can be designed and engineered in tandem with the generator set, which gives a greater overall efficiency to the electrical demands onboard,” said Puckett.

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