CCP to raise gel coat, UPR resin price

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Cook Composites and Polymers will increase its per pound price $.05 for its gel coat and unsaturated polyester resin products effective on all orders shipped on or after Dec. 17, 2007, the company said in a press release yesterday.

CCP said three main factors contribute to the drastically increasing costs in the feedstocks used to make UPR resin and gel coat raw materials. Surging crude oil costs, currently reaching almost $100 dollars a barrel, is a direct correlation to the decrease in value of the U.S. dollar. Increases in the price of natural gas continue to adversely affect the price of Styrene, Maleic, TiO2, and other raw materials vital to the composites industry. Meanwhile, the economy is facing additional pressures because demand is not decreasing in accordance with the drop in supply as plant outages are being announced frequently by various suppliers around the world.

“In preparation for counterbalancing the softness in the U.S. composites industry, CCP is working diligently to complete an aggressive manufacturing realignment plan,” said Paul Colonna, CCP’s vice president of Composites. “This strategic redesign of our production capabilities will allow us to be more cost effective while continuing to efficiently service our customers. We believe making these changes is imperative in order to fulfill our commitment to do everything possible in keeping CCP and our customers competitive during these challenging times.”

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