GLBF applauds veto override

CHICAGO – . The Great Lakes Boating Federation has applauded Congress for its commitment to the infrastructure needs of the nation’s lakes, rivers and coasts in overriding President Bush’s veto of the Water Resource Development Act of 2007, the GLBF said in a release yesterday.

The U.S. Senate joined the House of Representatives in voting to override the veto earlier this week. The Senate vote was 79 to 14, while the House voted 361 to 54 in favor of the legislation.

“WRDA of 2007 elevates the stature of recreational boating as well as the smaller harbors and communities that depend on boating,” Ned Dikmen, chairman of the Great Lakes Boating Federation said in the release. “The law authorizes numerous projects that will benefit recreational boating, and in many ways preserves its very future, on the Great Lakes and other waterways; from maintenance dredging to completion of the Asian carp barrier to prevent these invasive species from ruining fishing and boating on the Great Lakes.”

The GLBF went on to say that the projects authorized in WRDA of 2007 are not yet funded and may still lose out to competing interests such as commercial navigation. It urged everyone involved in the industry to contact their elected officials and continue to be advocates on behalf of recreational boating.

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