YachtWorld.com launches new export service

SEATTLE – YachtWorld.com, a division of Dominion Enterprises, has launched a new online service designed to increase the exposure of YachtWorld.com clients within the European market, it reported in a recent statement.

The new Euro Exporter service allows brokers to feature their boat listings on six European marine Web sites including www.classicboat.co.uk, www.mbmclub.com, www.mby.com, www.ybw.com, www.yachtingmonthly.com and www.yachting-world.com.

“American brokers aiming to capitalize on the potential for increased sales are demanding ways to market their boats to the European consumer,” said Ian Atkins, managing director, YachtWorld.com and boats.com. “To help brokers gain even more exposure in the European yacht market, YachtWorld.com has leveraged its European presence in order to offer clients export to the region’s top six marine Websites.”

“With Euro Exporter,” Atkins continued, “Yachtworld.com client listings are accessible and searchable from a varied range of other sites, resulting in more eyeballs, more hits, more traffic and ultimately increased visibility to a wider international audience.”

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