Malibu partners with GM to build Corvette boat

MERCED, Calif. – Malibu Boats has been selected by General Motors to produce the new Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V, a water sports boat designed by Malibu with the Corvette brand and the car’s distinct style, the boat builder reported in a recent statement.

The Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V will be the 3rd generation Corvette boat from Malibu. GM tasked Malibu Boats with creating C4 and C5 versions a decade ago. Malibu said it now will use advanced technologies to make this new Corvette boat “even more amazing than its predecessors.”

Based on the 2008 C6 Corvette, this Malibu will be available in Coupe and Z06 editions. The Z06 package includes the 512 horse power, 7.0L, LS7. This engine delivers 637 Nm of torque and is joined by Z06 emblems and trailer wheels in the Z06 package, according to Malibu.

Scheduled to be unveiled in November at the Malibu Boats 2007 Dealer Meeting, Malibu’s Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V will be available through select Malibu Boats dealers.

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