Volvo Penta to expand Boat Engine Integration Center

CHESAPEAKE, Va. – Volvo Penta is expanding its Boat Engine Integration Center (BEIC) with an all-new facility in downtown Portsmouth, Va. on the Ocean Marine Yacht Center property, it reported in a statement yesterday.

The BEIC expansion follows Volvo Penta’s move into the luxury yacht and offshore sport fishing segments and will dramatically increase the pace of Volvo Penta IPS integration into independent yacht manufacturer’s models, according to the company.

The need for a larger facility became apparent with the launch of Volvo Penta IPS II, as well as multiple engine craft such as the Lazzara 75 LSX Quad, Volvo Penta reported. The Portsmouth facility will have the ability to accommodate yachts up to 230 feet thanks to its deep-water access and Ocean Marine’s yacht handling equipment and facilities.

“This new facility epitomizes Volvo Penta’s quest to ensure a tight, high quality, marriage of propulsion system and yacht,” said Clint Moore, president of Volvo Penta. “Further, we are committed to assisting independent yacht builders in accelerating their integration of Volvo Penta IPS into new models.”

With this expansion, BEIC will have the ability to conduct yacht and propulsion testing plus facilitate collaborative engineering programs. Construction is already underway at the new Portsmouth facilities, which are expected to open this fall. The current BEIC facility in Suffolk, Va. will be utilized as part of Volvo Penta’s marine test center and is slated to become a center for collaborative testing with independent boat builder customers, the company explained.

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