MDX adds support for sixth data standard

CHICAGO – The National Marine Manufacturers Association’s Marine Data Exchange program recently added support for a sixth data standard for communication within its e-commerce network, NMMA said in a release yesterday.

The 997 functional acknowledgement is used by a supplier to confirm electronically a purchase order has been received from a buyer. Conversely, the buyer can use the standard to confirm a ship notice or invoice was received from their supplier.

The standard can also communicate if a document was rejected, and provide clues to the reason.

“The 997 is routinely used within higher volume EDI trading networks,” said program manager John Warnik. “Adding it to MDX provides additional assurance for trading companies that their purchase orders, invoices, etc. are being received. MDX now supports all the document types found in typical EDI environments, at a fraction of the cost.”

The program is available to all marine industry accessory manufacturers, distributors, retailers and boatbuilders, regardless of size. The Web-based version of MDX is designed to allow smaller companies with limited IT resources to leverage the benefits of e-commerce.

To learn more about the MDX program, visit, or contact MDX program manager John Warnik at (312) 946-6295; Interested parties can also attend the next MDX User Group meeting hosted by NMMA on August 23 at 1:00 p.m. EDT. To join the conference, dial (877) 892-3809 and enter passcode 3129466295#.

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