Dealer certification program launches online campaign

CHICAGO – Later this month, the Marine Industry Dealership Certification (MIC) program will launch its first-ever Internet advertising and marketing campaign aimed at consumer audiences, Grow Boating Inc. said in a press release today. The campaign is intended to raise consumer awareness of dealership certification and highlight the benefits of doing business with a MIC dealership.

Beginning mid-July, Dealership Certification will be promoted on sites such as and Banner ads on each of these sites will explain the added strengths of certified dealerships and link directly to the program’s consumer bill of rights. In addition to advertisements, certified dealerships will be individually recognized on each of the four websites through logo placement, boat listings and various other means of identification.

“Getting Dealership Certification in front of consumers is key, as it’s critical for potential boat buyers to understand what it means to be certified and how they, specifically, benefit from purchasing goods and services from a Marine Industry Certified operation,” said Phil Keeter, vice president of Grow Boating Inc. and president of the Marine Retailers Association of America. “This targeted, online advertising and marketing strategy is the best possible way for us to spread word about the significant advantages of dealership certification. Because as we all know, current and first-time buyers alike typically begin their search process in the same exact place — on the Internet.”

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