Grand Banks University holds second session

BALTIMORE – A team of top managers and training personnel from Grand Banks Yachts held the second in a series of dealer-training seminars known as Grand Banks University, or “GBU,” in Baltimore last week, the company reported in a release today.

This three-day session, for the company’s East Coast dealers, follows a similar West Coast event the company hosted near its Seattle headquarters in late May.

“GBU is an intensive, comprehensive program that covers all aspects of the development, production, sales and service process at Grand Banks,“ said Neil McCurdy, vice president of Sales for Grand Banks Yachts. “Dealers come away with a deep and thorough understanding of all the key features and benefits of each new model. As a result, they’re better armed and equipped to sell, to effectively work with customers through the purchase and delivery process.”

As Grand Banks “continues to aggressively pursue new and better ways to design, build and equip its boats,” the company says that even its authorized dealers may not be fully aware of these advancements. Grand Banks has also greatly expanded its sales network in the U.S. and abroad, and GBU also helps out new dealers who need to come quickly up to speed.

“With 50 years of history, people have an image of Grand Banks as a very traditional boatbuilder,” said David Hensel, the company’s marketing director. “In truth, we’re leaps and bounds beyond where we were even five years ago. Grand Banks University informs and educates dealers about these advancements, so they in turn can help consumers understand why their new boat will perform and hold its value better than ever before.”

Even veteran GB dealers have found Grand Banks University to be an enlightening and valuable experience. “As the owner of a dealership as well as a salesperson, I cannot praise this program enough,“ said John Baier of Oceanic Yachts, Grand Banks’ longtime authorized dealer for Northern California. “The proof will be when we take what Grand Banks provided and put it to work by achieving more sales.”

Following the Baltimore event, the GBU team will travel to Malaysia to host dealers from Europe, Asia and Australia for a third session at its factory there. The program will be repeated on a regular basis, adding using special sessions and online seminars to supplement the curriculum.

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