Garmin begins developer Web site

OLATHE, Kan. – Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd., has begun a Garmin developer web site – a developer zone dedicated to software developers and content providers who want to make their Web sites, applications and data content compatible with Garmin navigation systems, the company reported in a release today.

The Garmin Developer site provides both free and licensed Garmin resources and a library of Application Programming Interfaces, toolkits and Web services offering six core products: Garmin Communicator Plugin, MotionBased Web Services, Content Toolkit, Garmin PeerPoint Messaging System, Garmin LBS Toolkit and Fleet Management Interface.

“Until recently, third party Web sites have been unable to communicate easily with Garmin devices,” said Charles Morse, Garmin’s director of mobile and PND marketing. “This announcement is a win-win for developers and Garmin and it paves the way for more innovative applications. By expanding our developer applications and allowing programmers to integrate Garmin’s leading-edge technology into their sites, we are making it easier for third party content providers to leverage the huge community of Garmin devices by providing tools that will allow them to communicate directly with Garmin systems. This will create new markets for the programmer’s content and services, while generating a grassroots movement that will spread Garmin’s name and technology to consumers through third party Web sites and content distribution channels.”

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