NMMA certifies 12 more builders

CHICAGO – Twelve additional boat manufacturers are now officially certified under the National Marine Manufacturers Association’s Boat/Yacht Certification program, NMMA reported in a release this week.

The following manufacturers recently earned the “NMMA Certified” designation for their respective products:

  • Albury Brothers Boats, Riviera Beach, Fla.
  • Bertram Yacht, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
  • C&C Yachts, Fairport Harbor, Ohio
  • Com-Pac Yachts, Clearwater, Fla.
  • General Boats, Edenton, N.C.
  • The Hinckley Company, Portsmouth, R.I.
  • Mochi Craft, Fort Lauderdale
  • Panga Marine Corp., Miami
  • Red Star, Salt Lake City
  • Riva S.p.A., Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
  • Skipperliner Boats, LaCrosse, Wis.
  • Tartan Yachts, Fairport Harbor, Ohio
  • Certification is an NMMA membership requirement beginning with all products manufactured for model year 2007. To date, 214 NMMA member manufacturers have become NMMA Certified. An additional 139 manufacturer members are currently undergoing the Certification process.

    “The industry support for NMMA Certification has been overwhelming thus far,” says Robert Newsome, NMMA manager, Engineering Standards. “With more than 200 NMMA member-manufacturers Certified to date, we are on track to meet the goal of certifying all 350 NMMA boatbuilders by close of the 2007 model year.”

    While all boats in the United States must meet applicable U.S. Coast Guard regulations, boats built by manufacturers participating in the NMMA Certified program must also meet the more comprehensive standards set by the American Boat and Yacht Council. Furthermore, to become NMMA Certified, a boat must pass rigorous third-party inspection to ensure they meet and adhere to all applicable standards, as well as maintain an ongoing, formal Customer Satisfaction Index program.

    The NMMA Certification program covers more than 30 categories of standards, which vary by boat type and size and may include: fuel systems; ventilation; passenger and weight capacity; horsepower capacity; flotation; electrical systems; navigation lights; warning label placement and guidelines; and steering systems.

    For additional information on the NMMA Certification program, or to schedule an inspection, contact Newsome at (312) 946-6275; rnewsome@nmma.org.

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