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The Singleton Marine Group (Ranked 3 in 2006) modeled a concept after dealer and 20 Group meetings to create a company-wide “dealer meeting” that sought to train and build teamwork among its employees in addition to maximizing their collective mindshare.

Owner Austin Singleton closed his stores and hosted a three-day “training and teamwork jamboree” to allow employees to work together on key aspects of the business. The agenda included a store-by-store corporate review, a presentation of the corporate vision for 2007, a marketing plan review and presentation, breakout sessions for sales and service employees, process mapping with a GE-provided Six Sigma black belt, computer system training and other such initiatives.

“This is our first time hosting something of this magnitude,” Singleton said beforehand. “We want to provide the opportunity for our team to work together in a nurturing, highly conducive environment that will create not only a stronger sense of camaraderie, but will also maximize the opportunity for ‘collective mindshare.’ Ultimately, we anticipate that our team will contribute ideas and recommendations that can directly improve and impact our business.”

MarineMax Inc. (Ranked 1 in 2005 and 2006) has many similar practices. MarineMax is a firm believer in establishing benchmarks and best practices among its 71 stores and then sharing that data companywide. The internal 20 group-style program establishes minimum standards for various business components. The numbers are compared and discussed in a variety of forums including the company’s strategy committee (CEO, CFO, District presidents, VP marketing, VP team development and VP products), proprietor’s club (store managers and other management) and financial calls (store and functional managers).

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