Be your own worst critic

In the spirit of exploiting improvement opportunities, there may be no quicker route than being your own worst critic. Such was the case with at least four Top 100 Dealers: Taylor’s Boats (Ranked 11 in 2006), Link Rec (Ranked 22 in 2006), Boats, Inc. (Ranked 37 in 2006), and South Austin Marine (Ranked 98 in 2006).

These dealers garnered strong CSI scores from their suppliers, scoring an average of 98.5, 90.0, 98.5 and 95.55, respectively. These dealers also used their own internally created CSI surveys, however, which proved to be a tougher critic, giving them CSI scores of 96.4, 80.0, 92.4 and 95.0, respectively.

Taylor Richards, owner of Taylor’s Boats, explains their common belief well: “We believe that marine dealers in most cases fall significantly short of what great customer service should be. That is why our company objective is to achieve 100-percent customer loyalty with service that is on par with, or exceeds, other industry leaders like Lexus, BMW and Nordstroms.”

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