Focus on loyalty

Rob Youker at The Sportsman (Ranked 65 in 2006) has used an internally built CSI survey for a few years now. He recently had an opportunity, in his view, to improve his scores just by changing his questions from a 1-10 ranking to a five-question “yes-or-no” format. Who among us couldn’t score well on five simple questions such as, “Was the sales rep courteous and polite?”; “Have you been contacted since the boat was delivered?”; etc.? If we can’t control those measurements, we’ve got much bigger problems than just our CSI scores.

Youker, however, isn’t really interested in improving the number. He’s interested in improving his business, and he believes the best way to do that is by developing a loyal customer base.

“It’s not my goal to increase my CSI scores,” Youker says. “It’s my personal goal to increase my base of loyal customers. The ones that go out and sing my praises. The third-party endorsements that say, ‘the only place you should consider buying your boat is The Sportsman.’”

And you don’t accomplish that by asking “yes-or-no” questions.

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