Outerlimits Powerboats’ promotion helps Grow Boating

MIAMI – At the Miami International Boat Show, Outerlimits Powerboats created a promotion to solicit donations for the Grow Boating Initiative, the company reported in a recent statement.

Outerlimits and The Art of Design, the manufacturer’s exclusive design partner, raised over $1,400 to support the industry in a raffle to win one of two original works of air brush art created by Dean Loucks of Art of Design and his guest, California collaborative artist, Yvonne Mecialis.

Loucks and Mecialis hand painted their respective art panels, representations of the “Golddigger” paint scheme on the first catamaran in the Outerlimits line, unveiled at the opening of the show. Dealers, customers and passersby donated $5/raffle ticket to win the artwork.

“We thought this vehicle would showcase the unique kind of artwork that we do at The Art of Design,” said Loucks.

Outerlimits chose the Grow Boating initiative as the recipient for the raffle as it was a major focus of the National Marine Manufacturers Association for the Miami International Boat Show.

“We were happy to use the artistry of Outerlimits boats as a way to help grow the industry,” said Mike Fiore, president, “Most of our customers started boating in much smaller and less elaborate and powerful boats — we’ve all got to start somewhere, so let’s “Grow Boating!”

Outerlimits Powerboats manufactures custom high-performance boats at its factory in Bristol, R.I.

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