Testimonials from the 2005 Top 100 Dealers Program

I am not generally a letter writer although in this case I feel compelled to first and foremost thank you for recognizing my company as one of your Top 100 Dealer selections. Just to be a member of this elite group is acclaim enough, to be ranked No. 20, to me, is off the charts. Speaking for my entire staff, we appreciate your honoring Clark Marine with your distinguished award.

In combination, I would like to commend you for your forward thinking. All personal acknowledgements aside, I am very enthused by the boost to the boating industry as a whole that your incentive is sure to create.

This Boating Industry magazine Top 100 program addresses the core of our industry shortcomings and calls for improvements of the marine business as an entirety. Your approach requires accountability and encourages responsible methods.

Be it just the desire for good business practices, greed, notoriety, prestige, whatever the catalyst, dealers will work to make exceptional their services and product offerings to be part of your Top 100 list. Your strategy will motivate dealers of all sizes to improve their operations.

The winner in all of this will indeed be the boating public and ultimately a more healthy industry. Better services, better products, make happy boaters. One boater introduces another, boating grows and is more widely enjoyed because of your initiative.

I thank you for your recognition. I commend you for your foresight.

You should be given an award.
Rob Brown
Clark Marine

Congratulations on moving an industry forward. Not an easy task, and few have ever accomplished it in any industry. You and your staff have moved the dealership professional bar up. Marine retail companies throughout the country are already formulating plans to qualify for next year’s Top 100. The word is out. The race is on. The industry is moving forward.

The evening complemented the overall event. The formal wear, the entertainment and your presentation method made the statement again … The marine industry is moving forward in how we take care of the consumer.

I know you didn’t accomplish the project alone. The success is directly related to the efforts of many.

Thank you again for moving our industry forward.
Rob Youker
The Sportsman

I would like to thank you for a wonderful and professional job you did with your Top 100 Dealers award ceremony. You took on a monumental task that surpassed many expectations in the marine industry. It brings a wonderful feeling to me when I am associated with people that have such passion and dedication to the industry.

I would like to thank you for our selection of number 3 in the country. And by being number 3 in the country we will only work harder to become the number 1 dealer.
Paul Barbara
Surfside 3 Marina

I would like to thank you and your staff for putting on a great event at the MRAA meeting. I was amazed at what a great job at what you accomplished with the dinner, entertainment and awards presentation. You and Tammy did and outstanding job during the ceremony, very very funny. Again, great job. Please pass on to the rest of your staff.
See you next year!
Robert Barone
D&R Boats

I just wanted to tell you that you guys did a great job with the awards ceremony. I know it was a big deal getting everybody together … especially in tuxedos, but it was a great time. We were very pleased to be in the top 25 percent. It will be interesting to see what happens next year with the competition.

After being through it once, I had a better understanding of what information you valued most. Knowing this, I hope we will make it in again next year … if not a little higher.
Rob Maskill
Action Water Sports

I just wanted to thank all of you at Boating Industry for the great time last Thursday evening. The night was professionally done and a great time was had by all. Both my wife and myself appreciate all the hard work that must have went into preparing for an event of this size and stature. Again great job to all, and we look forward to being there next year.

Again thanks for everything; All of you deserve a standing ovation.
Jeff Wilcox
George’s Marine & Sports

Thanks to you all for a great program. My wife and I had a great time Thursday night . . . everything was first class. I think that this will really help our industry in many ways. It’s definitely another reason for dealers to improve themselves and improve the experience for the customer.

Having your event connected to the MRAA Convention will also help attendance and membership for MRAA. Our organization is honored to be included, and we plan on continually improving to remain on the list and possibly move up. Thanks again for all of your energy and effort you put into the Top 100.
Craig White
White’s Marine

Just a quick note to once again congratulate you and your team for a job well done this past weekend. Our team was very impressed with the whole presentation. You kept everyone on their toes pretty much to the end. I believe that you guys have created a very interesting concept that the dealers will be promoting for you. Every single dealer in the room that I talked to told me they would promote the fact that they were recipients of the award. 100 sounds like a big number, but basically, about 2 percent of the marine dealers in the country were in that room. Even number 100 was very proud to be part of that select group and rightfully so.

BRP and the Evinrude E-TEC team were extremely proud to be associated with this project and its success.
Roch Lambert

You are all to be commended for your vision, time and effort!! Our marine industry is so diverse, but you created some unity and strength. We at Silver Lake Marine are honored and uplifted to have been selected to your Top 100.
Jane, Jim and Quinn Bellamy
Silver Lake Marine

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