Florida County puts number on water access decline

TAMPA BAY, Fla. – Florida’s Hillsborough County has been losing public boat slips to waterfront condo development at an alarming rate.

A report released last month suggested that the number of boat slips available to the public has declined 41 percent over the past five years from 1,988 to 1,168, according to Tampbay.com article published today.

County Commissioners want to do something to reverse that decline, but the few options they have uncovered are expensive. Thus far, the county has no plans in place to develop its own marina slips, the article suggested, leaving action in the hands of private developers.

Marina owner Stephen Ravenel told the newspaper he’d like to add 100 slips to his 64-slips Inter-Bay Moorings business. The county can help move this and other such developments forward by making the permitting process quicker and easier, he added.

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