Dockominium trend may have limits

MYRTLE BEACH – The Carolinas’ boating community is growing, but wet and dry boat storage space doesn’t seem to be keeping pace.

As a result, the trend toward buying – rather than renting – wet and dry spaces is taking off, but local limits on the number and size of dry-storage buildings and state regulation may soon play a part in the trend’s future.

A spokesman for the South Carolina Ocean and Resource Management office recently told The Sun News that it’s in the process of determining whether dockominiums “need some form of regulation.”

Meanwhile, the opposition of local residents in Murrells Inlet resulted in one large dockominium development deal falling through, and that county is now considering whether to limit the size of buildings in that region, the newspaper reported in an article today.

The article suggests that this boat storage shortage may be driving up membership in boating clubs, like the Freedom Boat Club at Harbourgate Marina in North Myrtle Beach.

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