Unified Marine receives $300,000 grant

NEWPORT, Tenn. – Tennessee officials have approved a $304,200 Fast/Track Infrastructure Development Program grant that will enable Unified Marine to better protect its property and employees and offer the opportunity to expand its operations in the future, the company said in a release this week.

Unified Marine Inc., which opened its Tennessee plant last May, employs 25-30 people. According to the company’s president, David Nirenberg, that number will probably rise in January, perhaps as high as 35-40.

In order to receive the grant, Unified Marine, Inc. agreed to provide the matching ten percent of the funds. The remaining ninety percent of the money will come from the state.

In addition to providing ten percent of the funds, Unified Marine, Inc. also paid for the preliminary engineering report, at a cost of approximately $8,000.

Unified Marine, Inc., which manufactures SeaSense marine and trailer accessories, relocated to Newport Tenn., from Naples Fla., in May of 2006.

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