Almar promotion evidence of industry trend

ROLLING HILLS ESTATES, CALIF. – Almar Management, Inc., a West Coast marina operator, is launching a promotion that reflects a trend in the marina industry. As the number and size of marina chains grows, operators appear to be increasingly marketing the experience of traveling between them (See The Outsider in Boating Industry’s September issue.

Through Almar’s promotion, it will offer marina privileges to 15 of its marinas for the price of one, the company reported in a recent statement.

The company said the promotion is part of its ongoing commitment to growing the boating community. In addition to this promotion, Almar also hosts annual BBQs, rendezvous, potlucks, boat handling classes and seminars to enhance the boating experience.

“Adding value is one of the things that makes Almar Marinas different from the rest,” said Almar CFO Randy Short. “By creating an environment that’s fun and enjoyable with added value, we are helping to ensure that our customers have a place to introduce new people to boating and the boating lifestyle. With a 15 for 1 price, now you can take boating trips to beautiful locations without compromising your comfort. That’s a real solution for our boaters.”

Almar operates marinas in locations such as Hawaii, Marina del Rey, Channel Islands Harbor, Oakland, San Francisco Bay, Ventura, Martinez, and San Diego.

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