Trailer accessories firm launched

LONG BEACH and TULARE, Calif. – EZ Connector, a developer and manufacturer of products for improving the reliability of trailer connections, is making its debut in conjunction with the unveiling of its first product, the company reported in a recent statement.

“A common frustration across all trailering applications is the connection/disconnection process. The traditional plug/socket configurations available in today’s marketplace do not withstand frequent cycling and subject the trailer connection to unsafe environments,” said Wayne Wiechmann, chief technical officer of EZ Connector and inventor of the EZ-7PUHD. “We are pleased to formally launch EZ Connector, and to address today’s trailering issues with a robust solution. We believe that our patented EZ-7PUHD solves a myriad of trailering issues from simplifying the connection process to greatly increasing a connection’s reliability and safety, especially as it relates to eliminating open-circuiting issues.”

The patented EZ 7-Pin Universal Heavy Duty Plug (EZ-7PUHD) is appropriate for a variety of recreational, non-commercial and commercial applications, including boating, farming, RV, trucking and other activities, the company said. EZ Connector is showcasing the EZ-7PUHD, as well as conducting demos of the product October 5-8, 2006 in Booth #501 at the International Sail and Power Boat Show in Long Beach, Calif.

“We believe that EZ Connector will play a key role in the future of the trailering industry, especially as it pertains to the boating, trucking, farming and military industries,” said Joe Cardoza, co-founder and chief executive officer of EZ Connector. “The product’s smart indexing feature and holding magnet coupled with the integration of floating spring-loaded pins in the socket and fixed contacts in the plug, set the EZ-7PUHD apart from traditional plug/socket solutions. We believe that we are offering the industry a compelling solution to effectively solve today’s trailering issues.”

EZ Connector said its launch of the EZ-7PUHD follows five years of research and development. The company expects the EZ-7PUHD to be commercially available during the first half of 2007.

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