Shakespeare and CCSC enter strategic agreement

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Shakespeare has entered into a strategic agreement with Comprehensive Communications Systems Corp. (CCSC) of Palatine, Ill., it reported in a statement today. Together, Shakespeare and CCSC will bring a series of new communications products to the US marine marketplace.

With over two decades of experience in high-speed wireless communications and cellular internet technology, CCSC introduced a system for mobile internet access to the North American RV market two years ago. Teaming with marine antenna manufacturer Shakespeare will result in numerous wireless and communications solutions for boaters in the near future, the company stated.

“We are extremely excited about working with CCSC. Uniting their expertise with our high quality antennas and extensive distribution network will place advanced levels of communication, data and internet solutions within easy reach of boaters,” said Don Henry, director of Shakespeare’s marine products group.

“We look forward to working with Shakespeare to bring our leading edge communication products to the boating world. Our technologies have broad application, and we believe that Shakespeare’s intimate knowledge of the marine industry will help us tailor products to precisely meet market needs,” said Joyce Cutsforth, CCSC president.

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