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BROOKHAVEN, N.Y. –, a New York-based company with a website featuring online bookings of discounted short-term boat rentals, has added its first Canadian location and 10 more US locations to its rental fleet, it reported in a recent statement.

Boat rental locations list their available boats free on and pay a small commission to the company on bookings. The new service allows each location to self-update their boat listings online at any time.

Boat rental locations just added to the database are:

  • Skyline Marina – Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Hendricks Creek Resort – Canton, Ohio
  • Stamford Landing Marina – Greenwich, Connecticut
  • Spend A Day Marina – Russells Point, Ohio
  • Pleasant Hill Marine – Perrysville, Ohio
  • Long Beach Marina – Falmouth, Maine
  • Birdsong Resort – Camden, Tennessee
  • Herman Helen’s – Stockton, California
  • New Melones Marina – Angels Camp, California
  • Lake McClure Marinas – LaGrange, California
  • Shasta Lake Resorts – Redding, California
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