Move may mean delays for Unified Marine customers

NEWPORT, Tenn. – Unified Marine’s move to a new facility in Newport, Tenn. may result in some delayed shipments during the transition as product is relocated, the company reported in a recent statement.

Unified Marine said it’s moving to Tennessee because continued growth over the last several years has required it to find a larger distribution center; the cost of property in Florida continues to escalate and has become prohibitive; insurance costs have seen major increases in Florida due too the hurricanes; and forecasters have predicted Florida will continue to have above normal hurricane seasons over the next 10 years.

Newport offers Unified a centralized shipping point to reduce lead times and help control shipping costs, with over 75 percent of the U.S. population within one days shipping, the company said. In Newport, the company found affordable property with room for growth and a large pool of reliable work force and affordable housing.

Ultimately, that means Unified will be able to offer its customers upgrades to new and better technology systems that will create faster and more accurate shipping with shorter lead times and reduced shipping costs.

“We feel this move will help us reduce our overheads that will offset some of the increases involved in raw materials, labor, insurance and freight costs,” the company stated. “Please accept our apologies for any delays you may incur during this transition. Be assured this is temporary and we will have a more efficient distribution center in a short time.”

Unified Marine, Inc. manufacturers SEASENSE brand marine and trailer accessories.

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