All American Marine enters recreational marine industry

BELLINGHAM, Wash. – All American Marine Inc., a builder of high-speed passenger catamarans, excursion boats, and research vessels, is now entering the recreational marine industry with a new line of hydrofoil-assisted power catamarans, it reported in a recent statement.

The Amerikat, the first production line of boats offered by the custom boat builder, will be launched at the Newport Boat Show in Newport Beach, Calif.

Company owners, Matt Mullett and Pat Pitsch, worked closely with naval architect Nic de Waal of Teknicraft Design, located in Auckland, New Zealand to create the Amerikat 32.

“The Amerikat isn’t the run-of-the-mill recreation boat. This vessel will be appreciated most by a select group of discerning boating enthusiasts, who want a soft ride at high-speeds, fuel economy, comfortable interior accommodations and a sleek design,” said Mullett.

The Amerikat 32 contains Teknicraft’s unique hull shape and hydrofoil system, which works in unison to give Amerikat what the company says are advantages over other catamarans and mono hulls.

The hydrofoil functions similar to an aircraft wing, which is used to create lift, the company explained. The underwater wing provides a lifting force equal to approximately one-third of the vessel’s weight at cruising speed, which decreases resistance and allows the Amerikat to travel at higher speeds with less horsepower and lower fuel consumption, the company reported.

“It is great to see the technology that we have developed over many years in high-speed commercial and para-military applications is now being applied to boats in the leisure market,” said Teknicraft’s Nic de Waal. “The advantages will be equally appreciated by the recreational enthusiasts as they are by the commercial sector.”

All American Marine Inc., located on the shores of Bellingham Bay, was founded in 1987 and specializes in the construction of aluminum boats. All American Marine is the exclusive builder for Teknicraft Design Ltd. catamarans in North America.

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