Powerboat market turns in lackluster performance

MIAMI – It appears the only reassurance the industry will get from this year’s powerboat registrations through March is that most sales occur in the second and third quarters, giving it time to rebound from a slow start.

Info-Link’s Bellwether Report, updated through March, reflects a decrease in boat sales, compared to last year.

“The moving averages with March data included continue to show a lackluster performance across all segments within the 15 ft-plus powerboat market,” according to Jesse Wells, director of Sales & Marketing at Info-Link.

Wells pointed out that, in terms of new powerboat registrations, Q1 is small compared to Q2 and Q3. This is why the next couple of months will start to tell the tale for what to expect in 2006, he added.

The graphs at www.info-link.com/bellwetherreports.asp compare new boat registrations this year to year-ago numbers.

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