Skier’s Choice invests in its future

MARYVILLE, Tenn. – Ski and wakeboard boat builder Skier’s Choice has been growing fast and is preparing for more growth.

Most recently, the company spent $500,000 to improve its manufacturing processes, including construction of a new loading facility, and to purchase additional acreage for future expansion.

Skier’s Choice said the new loading facility will meet production needs for years to come and promotes efficiency and safety. The overhead pulleys allow for quicker loading times with less chance for damaging boats while putting the facility under a roof eliminates working in wet conditions or direct sunlight.

Since Skier’s Choice opened its new plant less than three years ago, the daily production of boats has doubled while the work force has gone from approximately 200 employees to 325, according to the company.

“Everything is firing on all cylinders right now,” said Rick Tinker, president of Skier’s Choice, who attributes company growth to several factors, which include the quality of the product, the workforce, R&D and marketing. Tinker also credits company growth to the outstanding performance of suppliers and dealers.

“So many of our suppliers are right here in Maryville and that makes it easy for us to communicate and get exactly what we want. They have met and often exceed our expectations,” he commented.

Skier’s Choice closed the books on 2005 with record sales, followed by “an excellent boat-show season.”

“We couldn’t do this without everything coming together both inside and outside of our company,” he added. “In the end, we do this everyday because we love it and that’s what breeds success.”

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