Tempo to focus on domestic manufacturing

SOLON, Ohio – Marine fuel tank and accessories manufacturer Tempo Products has severed its long-time relationship with its importers – principally C.S. Pong Industries and Neil Trading of Taiwan – the company reported in a recent release.

The company said the move would allow it to better serve its customers and gives it more flexibility in meeting customer requirements.

“Ninety five percent of Tempo’s products will be made in the USA and the majority will be manufactured in Tempo’s own manufacturing facility in Solon, Ohio,” said Kerry Klein, Tempo president.

Tempo believes its focus on domestic manufacturing will set it apart from its marine aftermarket competitors, who, the company said, “maintain a great reliance on imports.”

“As you can imagine, it’s very difficult to set and impose quality control standards from 10,000 miles overseas,” Klein said.

Tempo said the move allows it to set its own quality control standards and inventory turn quotas and offsets the rising cost of transportation, a factor which added significant unit cost increases in 2005.

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