Yamaha offers dealers new marketing program

KENNESAW, Ga. - Yamaha Marine Group has begun a service that allows its dealers to electronically create custom point of sale materials featuring Yamaha that can be quickly tailored to meet their needs, the company reported in a release yesterday.

The service, called Yamaha Online Merchandising, will allow the design and distribution of custom POS materials. Available through Yamaha Marine Business System, the proprietary system provides access to Yamaha's merchandising Web site where dealers can design boat specific or customized messages, regional or dealer specific messages and information using an array of design templates.

Dealers will be able to use their Yamaha co-op funds towards the program. For Yamaha Key dealers, co-op funding will pay for 100 percent of the cost. For all other Yamaha dealers, the program pays for 75 percent. (This is true so long as the costs do not exceed the balance in the individual dealer's co-op account, the company said.)

“This is a first in the industry, and we are excited to offer this kind of marketing innovation,” said Frank Wilhelm, Yamaha Marine Group advertising manager. “We really believe the new tool will help our dealers promote and grow their dealerships while making customers even more aware of the Yamaha Marine brand and boat builder partners.

Wilhelm said that if a dealer is sponsoring a local event, he or she can design a message using the time, date and location, etc., then wrap it in Yamaha colors. Dealers can also co-brand a sign using images of the participating boat brand equipped with a Yamaha motor.”

“[This] will eliminate waste for the dealers and Yamaha by letting them produce only the materials they need. At the same time, it will increase efficiency for Yamaha by focusing our resources where they will have the greatest impact for the dealer.”

Yamaha Online Merchandising is divided into three main functions:

Outboard Solutions allow dealers to select from a variety of Yamaha outboard product designs that best meet the dealership needs.

Partnership Solutions provide templates that allow dealers to create co-branded signage to include various boat manufacturers' logos and product photography.

Dealership Solutions templates allow Yamaha Marine dealers to customize POP materials to promote relevant events like seasonal sales, open houses and fishing tournaments.

Items are generally printed within two business days and shipped directly to the dealership. Product output includes banners, poster, floor graphics, window clings, outdoor signs and counter cards. Yamaha said it will provide on-line training for dealers along with downloadable instructional materials.

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