Dr. Shrink’s recycling program expands

MANISTEE, Mich. – The Rebag recycling program from Dr. Shrink, which has been in effect and successful in the United States for over eight years, is now available in Canada, according to a statement from the company this week. It will work similarly to the U.S. program, with the exception of its universal cost. Canada has been divided into three different mailing/cost zones for the program.

The Rebag recycling kit consists of a 30-foot wide by 50-foot tall clear poly bag with cover removal instructions printed on it, a bag closure device and instructions on how to ship the full bags to Dr. Shrink’s centralized recycling facility. Each Rebag holds approximately 600 square feet of shrinkwrap. Boats over 26 feet require two bags.

Dr. Shrink’s Rebag recycling program eliminates landfill charges and keeps shrinkwrap from being littered around marinas. Premium marine shrinkwrap will last indefinitely underground.

Initially, the Rebag will be available to Canadian marinas and boaters through Land ‘N’ Sea Distributing and Dr. Shrink.

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