Rep Night to donate to hurricane relief efforts

MIAMI – In response to the devastation that Hurricanes Katrina and Rita have caused to the Gulf Coast, Rep Night is donating $23,000 to hurricane relief efforts — a substantial portion of its budget, reported organizers in a recent statement.

During the annual networking event, held at IBEX, voluntary contributions will be collected to be added to the initial donation.

The National Marine Representatives Association (NMRA), Professional BoatBuilder and the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), along with NMRA member rep group sponsors, have banded together to bring this focus to Rep Night 2005.

"The hurricanes have already had a huge impact on marine businesses in the affected regions, and the challenges in recovering from these events will extend to the entire industry," said Jim Hannan, NMRA president. "Most importantly, there are many people who need help. We've already seen the generous actions of companies within our industry, and it's important that we add to those efforts. We're thankful everyone involved with Rep Night is working together to maintain this successful industry event while allowing substantial funds to be diverted to help hurricane victims."

The NMRA member rep group sponsors for this year's Rep Night are: Brunger Export Company; Charles A. Perry & Company; Chuck Fredrick Company; ComMar Sales LLC; Cressy Marketing; The Gartner Group; GSW & Associates; Great Lakes Marine Marketing; Haimes Coleman Group Inc.; Interwestern Sales Inc.; JB Dunn Company Inc.; LF Burgess & Associates; Love & Associates Inc.; Midwest Outdoor Marketing Inc.; Munzinger & Company; S2 Marketing LLC; SGL Sales & Marketing LLP; SM Osgood Company; Waters & David Company; West Coast Sales; Western Marine Marketing Inc.; Wickes Marine and William F. Miller & Associates.

Rep Night at IBEX 2005 offers a unique opportunity for boatbuilders to network with suppliers and their rep groups. Rep Night will be held Thursday, October 20 from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

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