New Orleans boatyard reopens

NEW ORLEANS, La. – M.G. Mayer Yacht Services, Inc. of New Orleans has reopened its West End boatyard in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the company reported in a statement today. It will be the only functioning boatyard on Lake Ponchatrain’s south shore for the foreseeable future, according to the company.

Though Katrina destroyed most of the immediate area and some of Mayer’s facilities, the yard itself and the heavy-lift capacity crane were spared and are now operational. The company also has a barge crane in service.

“I’m thankful for the resources we still have here, and pleased that we can provide the services our customers need now more than ever,” said Michael Mayer, president of M.G. Mayer Yacht Services. “My staff is eager to get back to work.”

The boatyard is taking calls from boat owners needing recovery or repairs to their boats and assistance with insurance claims.

“If a boat has suffered heavy damage, getting it back in working order may seem like an overwhelming task right now,” said Dave Guilford, M.G. Mayer sales manager. “We are here to assist everyone through it. Our deepest sympathies go out to those who’ve lost loved ones and their homes. We’re here to help in some way by recovering the dreams wrapped up in one’s boat.”

In addition to boat repair and recovery services, M.G. Mayer is also providing housing through the sale of new and used boats that survived the storm. Most of their new boats escaped damage because they were secured on land, the boatyard stated. New boat inventory from its Hunter sailboat, Luhrs sportfish, and Gibson houseboat lines are equipped with generators, satellite communications, bedrooms, kitchens, and full heads – providing comfortable quarters at a time when real estate is scarce, the yard reported.

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