Ruling upheld in Blazer Boats’ defamation lawsuit

PENSACOLA, Fla. – The United States Circuit Court of Appeals in case No. 04-11259 upheld the ruling handed down by the U.S. Southern District Court in a lawsuit against Maverick Boat Company by Blazer Boats Inc., Blazer reported in a recent statement.

The lawsuit alleged that Maverick Boat Co. inappropriately obtained a copyright for its Pathfinder 2200 V-Hull bay boat under the Vessel Hull Design Protection Act and accused Blazer Boats Inc. of infringing on its copyright when Blazer introduced its model 2220 Bay Boat.

The suit was filed for defamation, along with numerous other counts, based on Maverick’s allegations and statements to consumers, dealers and the marine industry as a whole, according to Blazer Boats.

The Appellate Court upheld the Southern District Court’s ruling that Maverick’s Pathfinder 2200 V-Hull design is not protected under the VHDPA, stating that the record demonstrates that Blazer’s boats are “original and not substantially similar in appearance to Maverick’s Pathfinder 2200 V-Hull design.”

In addition, the Appellate Court upheld the District Court’s award of legal fees and expenses, Blazer reported.

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