Horizon reports strong first half

PALM BEACH, Fla. – Passing the half-way point in 2005, Horizon Yacht Co. reported its current projects and confirmed orders, all pointing to a record year and a large increase over the previous year’s orders in a release Wednesday.

To date, orders scheduled for East Coast deliveries are a 62-foot M/Y; an 82-foot CMY; an 82-foot M/Y open bridge; two 82-foot M/Y enclosed bridge; an 85-foot M/Y enclosed bridge; an 86-foot M/Y open bridge; a 95-foot RPH; and a 105 tri-deck, plus three stock boats, two 70-foot boats and a 76-foot M/Y open bridge.

Orders scheduled for West Coast deliveries, include a 70-foot M/Y; an 82-foot CMY; an 86-foot CMY enclosed bridge, plus three stock boats, two 70-foot M/Y’s and a 78-foot M/Y.

Additionally, 15 orders are scheduled for Europe, ranging from 65 feet to 128 feet.

A strong boat show season boosted orders for Horizon. The shows have generated excellent results for the company as well as produced well qualified attendance and many serious buyers, a company spokesperson said.

Horizon’s management credited this year’s record pace to the company’s team of experienced brokers.

“Our brokers and sales representatives are thoroughly familiar with the category and the yachts we offer and they used their knowledge to match their customer with the yacht that best meets their needs,” the spokesperson said.

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