Regal to manufacture larger yachts

ORLANDO, Fla. – Regal Marine Industries, Inc. recently broke ground on an expansion of its current world headquarters facility located in Orlando, Fla., the company reported in a recent statement.

The planned expansion will include a 135,000 square foot Yacht Center with a dedicated 0.5 mile water testing facility to be completed in the summer of 2006. When completed, the expansion will bring the company’s enclosed manufacturing space to 460,000 square feet on 75 acres, the company stated.

Company President Duane Kuck said Regal has been operating at maximum capacity at its 325,000 square feet plant in Orlando. The expansion will allow for increased production of Regal’s current model line, including the flagship Commodore 4260, and will allow them to expand into the manufacturing of larger yachts. While rigorous off-site water tests will continue to be part of the audit process for Regal yachts, the on-property test basin will allow for daily production testing, according to the company.

The new expansion project will require hiring an additional 200 team members in Orlando.

“We offer an alternative for people who want to learn a trade and build a career outside of the hospitality and service industry. In most cases, we provide an opportunity for increased compensation,” said Vice President Tim Kuck. “We’re fortunate to employ one of the strongest work forces in the marine industry, and we’ll continue to hire from the local communities to grow our team.”

Regal currently employees over 850 team members; 700 in Orlando and 150 in Georgia.

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