Fort Pierce marina getting back on its feet

FORT PIERCE, Fla. – Though reconstruction is still underway, Fort Pierce City Marina is now turning a profit after being devastated by two hurricanes last year, the Sun Sentinel reported in an article on Sunday.

Damages incurred at the marina from hurricanes Frances and Jeanne were estimated at $14.9 million in boats and $13 million in docks, the newspaper reported. As of June 30, however, the marina was operating at a profit of $48,000.

That comes from the 92 inner basin slips made usable through repairs conducted by Lucas Marine Construction, the newspaper reported. Once repairs are complete, which is expected in November, the inner basin will offer 136 slips, some of which will be larger than those they are replacing in order to accommodate boats up to 47 feet in length.

Marina manager Dean Kubitschek told the newspaper the larger slips will allow the marina to increase its revenues. He predicts the marina will bring in $1.4 million in revenues for fiscal 2005-2006, compared to $2.4 million per year in the past.

Meanwhile, Kubitschek is working with consultants to determine whether to reconstruct the outer basin, where 138 boats once were moored, and how to protect the marina from future hurricanes, according to the newspaper.

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