Carver and Dominator reach sales and distribution agreement

PULASKI, Wis. – Carver Yachts, LLC has established an expanded worldwide sales and distribution relationship with Dominator Yachts, Carver said in a release earlier this week.

Both companies currently offer yachts designed by Italian yacht design and naval architect firm, Nuvolari + Lenard Naval Design. Carver began collaborating with Nuvolari + Lenard in 2002, which led to the introduction of both Nuvari and Marquis yachts. Dominator’s relationship with the design firm well preceded this date.

The new Carver/Dominator relationship will result in the global offering of Nuvolari + Lenard designed 62’, 64’, 68’, 78’, 82’, 86’ and 90’ yachts, with all production taking place in Fano, Italy.

Carver will offer the 62’ through 68’ Nuvari Yachts in North and South American markets and will introduce the larger models into their Marquis series with 78’ being available during the 2006 model year.

Dominator will offer Nuvolari + Lenard designed 62’, 64’, 68’, 78’, 82’, 86’ and 90’ yachts for European distribution and with appropriate European features and amenities.

“This unique alliance allows our company the continued benefits of the strong strategic relationships developed in Italy with both Nuvolari + Lenard and Dominator, while at the same time, accelerates a more expanded and focused product development of our Marquis product line,” said Robert VanGrunsven, president of the Carver Yacht Group.

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