Proposed bill to boost state’s boating industry?

BOSTON, Mass. – State Rep. Frank Hynes, D-Marshfield, has proposed a bill in the Massachusetts House of Representatives that would eliminate the state’s 5 percent boat sales tax, the Marshfield Mariner reported in an article on Wednesday

If it passes, Hynes hopes the bill will help boost the state’s recreational boat building industry, according to the newspaper. Rhode Island eliminated its boat sales tax in 1993, and 12 years later, its marine industry employment is up 140 percent.

Currently, there are 15 to 20 boat builders in the state, employing 27,000 workers and bringing in $2 billion annually, Hynes told the newspaper.

It could be several months before Massachusetts’ joint committee on revenue decides whether to send the bill to the House floor or to another committee, the newspaper reported. During a recent hearing, committee members “seemed responsive,” but pointed out that the bill could be viewed as beneficial exclusively to the wealthy and would reduce state revenue during tough fiscal times.

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