New boat manufacturer sets June production date

SOMERSET, Ky. - The Lexington, Ky.-based investment group that acquired Sumerset Houseboats in Somerset, Ky., in 2003, has formed a second houseboat company - American Waterways, the group reported in a recent release.

The houseboats will be produced in Monticello, Ky. Mass production is slated to begin June 1, and American Waterways anticipates hiring more than 90 employees. The plant will be able to produce up to 48 boats per year.

“Our market research shows a strong opportunity for a quality, NMMA Certified, mid-entry level houseboat,” said Tom Wylie, an official with the investment group led by Ron Mercer and Jamal Mashburn. “Bolster that with increased consumer awareness of the many houseboating benefits and the continued growth and development by the marina industry, and you've got a winning concept.”

The manufacturer will participate in the National Marine Manufacturer Association's Certification and Customer Satisfaction Index programs.

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