2005 Discover Boating & Take Me Fishing tour nears

CHICAGO – The first event for the 2005 Discover Boating & Take Me Fishing Tour, organized and managed by the National Marine Manufacturers Association has been scheduled, NMMA said in a recent release.

This year’s tour kicks off at the “Lilac Festival” in Rochester, N.Y., May 13 to 22, and will visit events across the country through November.

The 2005 tour incorporates a new mobile design and event strategy to bring boating and fishing to more consumers than ever before.

The layout of the mobile marketing display has been expanded to 6,000 square feet from last year’s 4,000 square feet design. Returning from last year’s Tour is the popular Fishing Simulator, where attendees can try to catch “virtual” white marlin, large mouth bass and other fresh and saltwater fish.

Also returning is the “Underwater World,” which simulates the feel of being under water; “Splash Theater,” a motion theater where attendees are treated to a video presentation that is geared to promoting the excitement of boating, and the “Next Steps” tent, where attendees learn what they need to do next to buy a boat, or start fishing locally.

The Tour includes an expanded “Boat Walk,” now known as the “Mini Boat Show,” in which visitors will see specific types of boats with accompanying promotional materials, outlining the activities that can be enjoyed on a specific type of boat. Last year, up to four boats were displayed in this section, and this year, up to 10 boats will be shown at each stop.

“Consumers at a number of tour stops last year demonstrated that they are more responsive when boats are included in the exhibit,” says Discover boating director Steve Tadd. “An expanded presence for boats will also allow the Tour to accommodate demand from more manufacturers and local dealers who are asking to participate in 2005.”

In terms of event strategy, the exhibit will stay at events for longer periods of time, to ensure the best location within the event. Though the mobile marketing display will be at fewer events, compared to the 2004 tour, it will reach even more people by removing some of the days that it would otherwise be in transit.

For more information on the Tour, including an updated schedule of events, visit www.DiscoverBoating.com or www.TakeMeFishing.org, or contact Discover Boating project manager Maryanne Bradford at (312) 946-6227; mbradford@nmma.org.

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