ZNA begins three-year service intervals

STEVENSVILLE, Md. – Zodiac of North America has begun new three-year service intervals for its Zodiac and AVON brand life rafts in an effort to save consumers time and money over the lifetime of the products, the company said today.

Zodiac said the three-year service intervals are the longest of any other life raft manufacturer in the U.S., and make it easier for consumers to maintain the quality and safety of their life rafts.

The new service intervals apply to all Zodiac and AVON brand life rafts (including both valise- and canister-packed models) produced on or after Sept. 1. Service visits for these life rafts are every three years for the first 15 years, after which they occur annually.

“This benefit to consumers is the direct result of Zodiacˆs continual improvement in the quality, performance and safety of all of our inflatable products,” said Alan Brocious, regional manager for Zodiac of North America.

The new ZNA schedule replaces earlier requirements that life rafts be serviced annually after the first three years. Zodiac and AVON brand life rafts still carry a 12-year manufacturer’s warranty, provided the owner meets the servicing requirements.

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