WLAN deployed at 100 marinas

WALTHAM, Mass. – Beacon Wi-Fi, a provider of wireless Internet access to marinas on the eastern seaboard, has completed deployment of the Colubris Multiservice WLAN System at over 100 marinas – with over 50,000 boat slips – in 2004, Colubris Networks, a provider of multiservice WLAN systems, said in a recent release.

Remote monitoring and voice services will be deployed over the existing Colubris Multiservice WLAN System in 2005.

“Beacon Wi-Fi uses the Colubris Multiservice WLAN System to carry multiple applications over a single WLAN,” said Chris Reitz, co-founder, Beacon Wi-Fi. “Colubris is the only system we’ve tested that can carry multiple applications and provide the high-level of security and reliability needed for outdoor deployments. Our tests show that the Colubris Multiservice WLAN System is ready for the remote monitoring and voice services that we expect will be strong revenue generators for Beacon Wi-Fi.”

Wireless Internet access at marinas allows boat owners to send and receive e-mails, download information including navigation and weather updates or simply browse the Internet. The remote monitoring services solve three important maintenance issues for boat owners. The services include Battery Voltage Check, Shore Power Check and Bilge Activity Check.

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