and Channel Blade join forces

STAMFORD, Conn. – BoatTEST Publishing and Channel Blade Technologies are expediting the process of routing sales leads to boat dealers, BoatTEST said in a release today.

Leads will now be sent instantaneously to dealers using Channel Blade’s Footsteps lead management tools. This change will enhance BoatTEST’s ability to deliver real-time, qualified leads, helping dealers increase lead conversion rates, the company said.

“ is like a trawler towing a big net that has very small holes,” said BoatTEST’s publisher, Chris Kelly. “In order to become a sales lead, a prospective buyer must choose the size and type of boat he’s interested in, then the brand, then model, then become a member, and then finally give us his or her permission to send his information downstream to the dealers for follow-up.

“While only a small percentage of our 1.5 million unique visitors become sales leads, the ones that do are highly qualified and in the buying mode, and those are the people the builders are looking for.”

BoatTEST will now transmit these leads to Channel Blade customers using the company’s Instant Lead Processing Utility (INPUT) agent, which accepts and parses leads using XML protocol. Previously, BoatTEST was e-mailing leads to builders, which manually routed them to dealers.

“We’re excited to be working with BoatTEST, delivering more leads to our customers faster than ever,” said Mike Adams, Channel Blade’s executive vice president, Operations. “This new technology will help OEMs, dealers and boaters interface with with greater efficiency and sell more boats.”

The new sales lead routing process is scheduled to begin on or before Feb. 1.

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