BoatU.S. Foundation seeking grant applicants

ALEXANDRIA, Va. - The BoatU.S. Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water is seeking nonprofit groups to help educate recreational boaters about good environmental habits with grants of up to $4,000, BoatU.S. said in a release today.

The 2005 "focus topic" is on reducing the spread of aquatic nuisance species - with extra consideration given to proposals that address the issue. However, Clean Water grants designed to educate boaters on issues such as petroleum pollution prevention, pumpout education, littering prevention or other subjects will also be considered.

To have a chance at funding, groups must apply by the Feb. 1 deadline. Last year's grant program funded 19 projects in 15 states.

"Boaters in almost every region of the country are battling an aquatic nuisance species, be it Zebra Mussels or Eurasian water-milfoil or Hydrilla,” said Margaret Podlich, environmental director for the BoatU.S. Foundation. “We are looking for proposals that educate boaters about practical habits to prevent the further spread of these invasive species."

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