US Marine realigns sales efforts

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – US Marine has realigned its organization by integrating its domestic and international sales efforts into one global structure, effective immediately, the company announced yesterday.

The company says the realignment will help improve distribution, local marketing efforts, and market share abroad. The move is part of an effort to better support the expanding Brunswick marine global strategy, including the newly established Brunswick European Group, Brunswick Asian Pacific Group and existing international offices.

To achieve this, many functions that used to operate out of a separate International unit will now be integrated into larger, comprehensive sales and marketing and product planning efforts. US Marine says the move will help create synergy between divisions that used to operate in parallel.

“Brunswick and US Marine have long utilized a global approach to sourcing, procurement and manufacturing, but we are now developing an exciting, coherent and integrated approach to global sales and marketing,” said Dave Taylor, senior vice president – sales and marketing. “To do this requires increased communication and cooperation in a unified approach.”

As part of the realignment, George Armendariz, vice president – international sales and marketing and former chief of the International division, will now report to Taylor. Under the new arrangement Taylor will have ultimate responsibility for sales, marketing and product planning at the global level. Armendariz will be the primary US Marine liaison with BEG and BAPG, and will have responsibility for all sales and marketing efforts outside North America.

Jeff Minert also will change responsibilities as part of the realignment. Minert, who formerly devoted much of his time to the international sales process, will now be tasked with improving input from a global sales perspective for all sales and marketing functions within US Marine, helping establish the new global outlook. He also will be responsible for sales management in the Latin America region. Minert will report directly to Armendariz.

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