Experts to discuss U.S. market at London Boat Show

LONDON – A panel of United States marine industry experts with over 80 years of combined experience purchasing, distributing and selling marine products in the U.S. will discuss the current U.S. equipment market, opportunities and challenges at the Schroder’s London Boat Show Jan 13, show organizers reported in a release yesterday.

“Selling In The USA – What You Need To Know Now” will be moderated by Jim Georgiadis, president of Home Port Marine Marketing. The event is open to all interested segments of the marine industry and is sponsored by the British Marine Federation and UK Trade & Investment.

Martin Clement, director of purchasing for Regal Marine Industries for the past 18 years, will represent the U.S. OEM segment on the panel. He’ll discuss how U.S. boat builders purchase equipment and accessories and the growing importance of product buying groups such as the American Boatbuilders Association, of which Regal is a member.

The U.S. aftermarket segment will be represented by Benjamin Moore of Boater’s World. He will discuss the retail product buying process and opportunities for new suppliers.

John Thommen, president of Ocean Marketing, will discuss U.S. product distribution and the key role of stateside manufacturer’s representatives in the process.

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