Ocean Technologies buys marine technology

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – Ocean Technologies has purchased the marine division technology of Cyclone Technologies, gaining worldwide rights to produce a marine engine that can burn almost any liquid fuel, including kerosene, gas, alcohol and diesel and even mixed fuels, and eventually will be able to run on hydrogen, Cyclone said in a release today.

The Cyclone Marine engine is an external combustion engine producing minimal emissions and able to meet all clean air regulations. The engine delivers 3 hp per-cubic-inch and uses no oil. Its internal lubricant is the same as the working fluid – clean water, according to Cyclone.

This engine has no transmission, is self-starting with no throttle valves and can develop full torque at starting. It is capable of powering craft ranging from small boats to large yachts, and is available in 18 hp to 2,000 hp, Cyclone said.

Prototypes of the engine are currently running, with production models to be available in the near future, according to the company.

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