Seattle marinas to face tough new regs?

SEATTLE, Wash. – After facing 36 marina fires in five years, the Seattle fire marshal is recommending regulations that would require operators to install sprinkler systems under covered marinas within the next three years, reported the Seattle Post-Intelligencer in an article today.

This proposed rule, which would impact about 40 of the 130 marinas in Seattle, would include marinas with roof areas of at least 500 square feet, according to the newspaper. Other rules under consideration would require the installation of fire hydrants for docks.

Both of these rules are already in place for newly built marinas, as of August, stated the Post-Intelligencer.

Fire marshal John Nelsen told the newspaper that fires at covered marinas cause the most damage. About $17.5 million of the $20 million in damages caused by marina fires over the past five years have taken place under covered mooring areas.

Some marina operators are considering removing their coverings if the rule is passed. Meanwhile, boaters are concerned that the cost of adding such a system will get passed on to them in the form of higher slip rental fees, the newspaper reported.

The city of Seattle will hold public hearings on the proposed rules next week.

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